Chart Review

Find out where your practice is losing money and how to avoid costly insurance audits.  We provide chart audits and reviews to make sure your staff is capturing all of your charges and coding to the highest level of specificity.  Our team of Certified Consultants know exactly how to get you paid for the services you are providing, we educate you and your staff on proper CPT, ICD-9-CM and CDT codes to assign to your claims we further explain which claims should be submitted to the dental carrier and which should be submitted to the medical carrier.

Staff  Training

We offer customized education pieces specific to your practice’s needs.  Whether you are looking for help with getting your dental procedures paid by medical carriers or training your staff how to properly code your operative reports for maximum reimbursement.  Our team of certified consultants can help!

Expert Witness

Are you an attorney in need of an expert witness?  We have professional certified consultants with experience in dental coding, dental billing and dental procedures.  If you have a valid case we may be just what your looking for…

Credentialing and Contract Negotiation

Are you a new or existing practice in need of assistance?  We are able to help you obtain the maximum contracted rate available from your carriers?  Let our team of experts file your paperwork and negotiate your contracts.  Get the most out of your insurance carriers.

Guest Speakers

We offer lectures for the dental industry that surpass all others.  Our team of highly experienced and educated speakers offer innovative, informative and entertaining topics catered to the dental industry.  Some of our most popular topics include,  Avoiding Professional Courtesies and Jail, Coding for Maximum Reimbursement, Starting your Practice within your Means, The importance of Hiring Qualified Dental Staff, The Art of Evaluation and Management Coding and more…

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