The Importance of a Certified Dental Coder (CDC)

You may be asking yourself , what is a Certified Dental Coder and why should I care?

According to the American Dental Coders Association (ADCA) a Certified Dental Coder (CDC™) is an individual who has been trained  in all aspects of dental coding and billing (i.e. medical crosswalks, appeals, HIPAA rules and regulations, collections,  ect.).  You may find  more information on the CDC certification test at the following web site:

Today offices are faced with complex billing issues, guidelines, and requirements because of this certification should be mandatory! I mean think about it for just a minute, as a doctor you were required to have a certain amount of schooling and then complete a state required exam to receive your license to practice dentistry.  Furthermore, both your dental hygienist and dental assistant were required to do the same.  You should be asking yourself why isnt my billing staff certified?  Wouldn’t it make sense to have every member of your staff trained, educated and certified?

If your like most practices you’ll find your billing staff is the core of your operation, they are the one’s responsible for getting you paid and collecting your money.  If your billing staff isnt doing there job correctly how hard you work would make no difference at all.  Your paractice may have a large patient flow and be extremely busy, however, if your not getting paid who cares how busy you are.  

Insurance rules, regulations and guidelines change almost daily if your billing staff is not educated and keeping up with that change this could prove to be very costly to your bottom line.  Get your staff the education and certification they so desperately need and deserve.  Remember a knowledgeable staff is an efficient and effective staff.

For more information on certification visit the following website:

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